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Budo Specialization Program

      The Budo Specialization Program was initiated in 1994 for foreigners with the aim of contributing to the international promotion of Budo culture. International students study together with Japanese undergraduate students over one year, learning Budo practice and theory, Japanese language and culture. They also take part in club activities and improve their own specialized Budo. Furthermore, they live together with international people from all over the world in accommodation facilities and develop an international outlook through cross-cultural understanding and respect.

1. Mission

      The mission of the Budo Specialization Program is to contribute to international exchange by sending excellent Budo instructors around the world, with the aim of correctly spreading *the spirit of Budo as advocated by Dr Shigeyoshi Matsumae, founder of the International Budo University.
      * The idea of building world peace by respecting the traditional cultural values of Budo, spreading the peace concept widely, and deepening international friendship and goodwill.

2. Capacity

      20 people

3. Qualifications

      The applicant must乧
      I丂be a foreign national
      II丂have completed 12 years of education in their home country, which entitles them to university admission.
      III丂be willing to join club activity in which they specialize and be committed to training not only in technique and practice, but also in a proper understanding of the spirit of Budo.
      *As all classes and club activities are conducted in Japanese, it is desirable to have a language level of N4 in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. (Submission of
      documentary proof of JLPT results is not mandatory)
      *For more information on club activities, see here.

4. Period of Study

      One year(Two Terms)
      Starts in April and ends in March

5. Fees

      Application Fee: 10,000 yen
      Admission Fee: 100,000 yen
      Tuition Fee: 500,000 yen
      Check-up/Insurance: 10,990 yen
      *These rates are for 2025. lt may change in the following years
      *Accommodation and meals are not included

6. Curriculum

      In addition to practical Budo skills (Judo, Kendo, Kyudo, Karatedo, Naginata, Shorinji kempo, Aikido), the curriculum also includes Japanese language and culture. Most of practical classes are taken together with Japanese students from the faculty, but Japanese language and culture classes are unique to the program.
      Classes are held from Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and days set out in the annual university calendar are holidays, although some classes may be held on holidays.

7. Completion Qualifications

      Students who have completed all 26 credits of required and elective compulsory subjects are awarded a certificate.

8. Teaching Staff

9. Club Activities

10. Career Path

    Students who have completed the program can continue their studies at the undergraduate or postgraduate level (or transfer, depending on conditions), or enrol as research students. Discounts on tuition fees may be available for students going on to undergraduate studies.

11. Accommodation

    International students can live in a student dormitory (International Exchange Hall) with a rent of 30000JPY per month. Rooms are basically for two people and are equipped with air-conditioning, bathroom with a tub, toilet, washbasin, closet, bookshelves, fridge and etc. The hall has a communal kitchen, laundry room and a spacious social lounge. Cleaning staff change bed linen and clean common areas several times a month. For more information, see "Rules of the International Exchange Hall". (If you hope to live in a flat in Katsuura, you are requested to find and complete the contract procedure on your own responsibility.)

12. Regulations

13. Application

      PDF: Admission Procedures 2025 *Coming in November 2024

14. Scholarships

    Scholarships are not awarded to all applicants. Always make sure you meet the criteria before applying. If you do not meet the criteria, you will not even be considered at that point. The scholarship committee will review the application and only those who are successful will receive the scholarship.

丂丂丂International Office, International Budo University
丂丂丂E-mail: kokusai@budo-u.ac.jp
丂丂丂Telephone丗 +81-470-73-4212
丂丂丂Facsimile丗 +81-470-73-4213